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MNSTD, website creation in Bayonne (64) , specializes in integrating, modifying and creating WordPress themes and plugins. Whether for a showcase website , a catalog website , a news website or a eCommerce website , MNSTD offers you solutions adapted and respectful of the latest web standards.

MNSTD is able to support you in the realization of your various web projects: Integration of graphic charter , Website redesign, Newsletter or Contest Creation , we adapt to your needs and technologies. We can also provide you with Web Design.

MNSTD also supports you on a daily basis in carrying out your webmastering (updating, SEO / referencing), optimization and maintenance whatever they are current, evolving or corrective thanks to our dedicated service mntnce. .

Front-end Development

The Front-end Developer, unlike the Back-End Developer, is interested in the visible part of the website, part with which the website user can interact. These views are composed of languages ​​HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, etc. Thus, MNSTD is able to offer you the following services.

Integration of graphic charter or template

With or without CMS ( read more), MNSTD integrates your graphic charts from scratch or from your templates. If necessary, we create for you or assist you in the choice of these graphic charters.

Website redesign

Because the web is evolving quickly, your website or your web communication media may be out of date. We are able to update them to the latest standards while respecting your identity.
Intervenes on HTML5, PHP, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery projects. We ensure perfect mastery of Front-End development languages.


WordPress specialist

MNSTD  is a WordPress specialist studio. We are free from the use of a back-end developer by the use of the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress. This great tool used by more than 60 million websites allows you to create almost everything that the imagination of a creative can contain ( read the article ). In this spirit, MNSTD can provide the following services for you.

WordPress Theme creation

Through a partner communication agency, we create for you, while respecting your identity and your needs, the theme of your business. 

WordPress/WooCommerce Plugin creation

WordPress uses so-called “plugins”. These are small add-ons for adding functionality to the CMS. Newsletter fields, Calendar, Best sales,… we integrate or create the plugins you need.

WordPress Template integration

WordPress is based in its visible part on a template. There are thousands of them and good numbers, free or paid, are available to the general public. We are able to support you in your choice and / or integrate your template with WordPress.

Showcase website

Take advantage of a business card on the web using a simple and efficient website that will allow your prospects to find you and contact you. 

A showcase website is your business card on the web . Visible on computer, tablet and mobile, it will allow you to present your company , your products or services, your team, … Your prospects will be able to learn a little more about your activity and get in touch with you.

It is generally a fairly simple website containing a maximum of 10 pages alternating texts and images. It can be multilingual, contain a contact form, offer a news section, link with social networks, …

Example of showcase website architecture:

  • Home page
  • About Page
  • Achievements page
  • Products / Services page
  • Contact Page

To create a showcase site, we can start from a blank page and build a tailor-made theme / in your image, or take up an existing theme and adapt to your needs.

Catalog website

Highlight your product or service offer with the help of a wordpress catalog website. Introduce your business and reach your prospects.

A catalog website is a little more elaborate than a showcase website. In addition to presenting your company, your achievements, your philosophy, the catalog site will allow you to highlight all your product and service offer with a search system by theme or by category.

Ideal for B to B professionals, the catalog site with its multitude of internal pages will serve as your presence base on search engines. Your prospect can easily browse your offer on computer, tablet and mobile, and contact you on a specific product / service.

Like the showcase website, the catalog site can contain a blog, be multilingual, offer a newsletter, be linked to your social networks, … 

Example of a catalog website architecture:

  • Home page
  • About Page
  • Achievements page
  • Products / Services page (Catalog)
  • Contact Page

To create a catalog website, we can start from a blank page and build a tailor-made theme / in your image, or take up an existing theme and adapt to your needs.

eCommerce website via WooCommerce

Whether you are a Pure Player (online sales only) or a Click and Mortar (physical and online sales), a WordPress eCommerce website will allow you to reach new customers and / or increase your turnover by being open 24 hours a day, whether on a computer, tablet or mobile.

We use the most used extension of WordPress to create our eCommerce websites, namely WooCommerce . Thus, we offer our customers a professional, powerful solution adapted to the needs of the freelancers, VSEs or SMEs . You can build a solid presence on the web in France or internationally with many sharing tools, customer relationship management, SEO, language management, logistics, marketing, …

Example of eCommerce website architecture:

  • Home page
  • Category page 1
    • Subcategory page 1
    • Subcategory page 2
  • Category 2 page
  • About Page
  • Blog Page
  • Cart page
  • Profile page
  • Contact Page

To make an eCommerce website, we can start from a blank page and build a custom theme / in your image, or take up an existing theme and adapt to your needs.

Maintenance & Optimization

Update & Maintenance

You have done a wrong manipulation, your theme is damaged or you have a problem in the configuration of a plugin? We offer a full offer of punctual or monthly maintenance adapted to your needs. WordPress is constantly evolving. If you still want to be up to date with the latest CMS standards, updates are required. These updates can also be used to save your data regularly and warn you of any inconvenience.

You have made a bad manipulation, your theme is damaged, you want to update content, redesign your website or you have a problem on your WordPress configuration?

MNSTD offer you a full, punctual or monthly maintenance offer tailored to your needs.

We identify 8 different update lines:

  • The automatic backup that can be performed automatically or manually,
  • The routine maintenance or security update which aims to update the WordPress core and plugins to fight against attacks.
  • corrective maintenance which consists of solving technical bugs linked to a bad use of the site or a bad integration.
  • evolutionary maintenance which consists of technically updating integrated tools or adding new ones.
  • The graphic update which aims to integrate changes to the graphic integration (typography, color,…)
  • The text update which aims to update… the texts!
  • The media update which aims to update your photos and videos.
  • And finally, the technical assistance for domains, emails and servers which consist of taking care of the day-to-day technical management for you. 

We have developed a dedicated service offer to respond quickly and at low cost to the needs of your WordPress sites. This is mntnce. , the first all-in-one service for maintaining your websites. Contact us for more information or go directly to the website .


Take advantage of our expertise and advice to provide your users with fast and efficient interfaces.

Studies show that after 3 seconds of loading, a user is likely to leave a website without even having visited it. This little statistic shows the importance of offering your audience an efficient and fast website . To do this, several techniques are available to us and can be used to guarantee fast loading times , the main ones being:

  • suitable accommodation,
  • streamlined theme and plugin development,
  • the use of caching and minification,
  • lazyloading,
  • optimized images, …

Have you noticed any loading problems or want to optimize your loading times? We invite you to consult the Pingdom Tools  to know your statistics and don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Webmastering – SEO – Referencing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves improving the positioning of a word on search engines, and ensuring that when a user searches on a specific word or phrase, a specific website appears as high as possible in the results of that search. So that this precise website is that of our client, MNSTD offers advices and various solutions.

Search Engine friendly development

One of the challenges of SEO is technical. In all our achievements, we make sure that the pages are accessible by search engines (no dead links, sitemap). The other issue is semantics. For it to be SEO-friendly, word processing on the web must contain tags. For example, content placed in a tag <h1> is recognized as a title, content placed in a tag <dd> as a description, …


Keywords are necessary to locate your website in its environment and thus position you correctly on the search engines. According to the pre-established strategy, we will position the website on keywords with high traffic, high awareness or niches. The criteria can also be geographic.

Good practices

In order to position you correctly on the search engines, we integrate your strategies but can also create them for you. To do this, we can advise you or offer training through our partner communication agencies.


The web is not immutable, you know that. Thus, we support you on a daily basis to refine your positioning and thus improve your traffic quantitatively and qualitatively.

Web Design

Like technique, the design of your website require care. This is your identity on the web and the first element that people will see. Good web design are necessary to grab attention and convince your visitors. To do this, MNSTD offers the following services.


Your job is not to create graphic elements but you have an idea of ​​what you want. We support you in the materialization of this idea and adapt it to your universe and your needs. Because we work daily on the web, we are able to provide you with all the advice you need for successful web design.

Choice of template

After having explained your desires to us through a brief, we select for you a list of templates adapted to your needs. You just have to choose!

Creation of graphic charter

With our partner communications agencies .

Creation of Newsletter

We are able to create your simple newsletters. For more complex models, our partner communication agencies will be happy to support you.

Creation of Communication supports (via Agency).

With our partner communications agencies .

Web applications

In addition to the CMS component and in line with the Front-end Development offer, MNSTD endeavors to offer its clients Web Application development services and thus meet their current development needs.

Creation of Landing Page

You have an exclusive offer, a new project, you are launching a new product, we integrate your Landings Pages into your hard drive or on your WordPress website: video, form, call to action, …


Do you want to perfect your customer relationship and newsletters are one of your favorite tools? We support you in the graphic design and integration of these.

Contest Game

You are preparing a season, you want to increase your customer base or you simply want to thank your community, the Contest Games are a good option. We create with an agency partner or integrate for you this underestimated tool.


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